Maintaining Your Trampoline

Set your trampoline up in a shady area and put a cover on it when not in use to prevent sun and weather damage.

During the winter, disassemble your trampoline and put a weather protection cover over it. Taking a trampoline apart and storing it for the winter is a quick and simple process that will make your trampoline last longer and reduce the need to replace parts over time.

Disassembling your trampoline for storage during the winter is easy to do and will protect it from damage.

Problems to look for:

Make sure there is always a safety pad covering the springs, to protect the threads at the edge of the mat from deteriorating and tearing. Inspect your trampoline for damaged or defective parts before each use, and stop using the trampoline immediately if any part of it is not in good repair.

  • Rust
  • Malfunctioning springs
  • Worn fabric or pads
  • Damaged connectors
  • Missing pole caps
  • Torn netting