About Us

Welcome to Machrus! We used to be KSH Brands. So why the change?

Over the past decade, we’ve developed our mission: Increasing positivity through innovative , active and safe outdoor-fun products for the entire family. In line with that, we updated our name to reflect that mission. Machrus is short for Pharomachrus, which is the scientific name of the quetzal – a stunning bird from Central and South America.

They fit right in with our mission – they’re positivity (always singing!), innovative (carving out nests in rotten trees), active (fly around a lot), outdoors, safe, and family oriented (both parents share in the rearing).

Our brands are geared to providing exciting and innovative yard and outdoor products that encourage activity and family interaction while creating lasting memories along the way. We’ve got lots more planned, stay tuned! Think of us as your one-stop shopping destination to fill any outdoor family activity need. We invite you to explore all our offerings and find something new and exciting to share. And if you have any suggestions, let us know!

Thanks for taking the time to check us out here. Please reach out and let us know if we can work together or be of any help. Take care, see you outside!


Looking for fun outdoor activities that you can do together with others? We’ve got you covered.

Upper Bounce
Everything trampolines.
Everything safe.
Everything fun!
Ogrow Brand Logo
Protecting the art of gardening.
Touch the sky!
Put some kick in your trek!
Champ Celebrations
Party faves for your little Champ
Frost Rush
A winter wonderland of fun
Machrus's Commitment
We take pride in our products and stand behind them.

Our sourcing and purchasing teams excel in bringing the quality products and parts that make up Machrus's premium lines. We provide strong warranties to build consumer confidence and reassurance.

If there is any issue, we make it easy to get in touch with us. Our Customer Service associates are ready to assist with product and order questions. And more. Need a product assembled? We can help with that. Not sure which part or accessory to order for your trampoline? We’ll give you a hand there as well.

Retail Partners
We work proactively with our retailers.

We work closely with our online and brick-and-mortar partners to ensure discoverability on the platforms our consumers prefer in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, European Union, Mexico, India, and Australia.

Our Sales, Operations and Catalog teams work proactively with our retail partners on everythingfrom managing inventory and logistics to creating content and customized solutions.


We’re a growing company with an entrepreneurial mindset.

When you look around the office, you see a team of happy and positive people working together – growing personally, professionally and successfully expanding our business. How does that happen?

The DNA make-up of our staff consists of our six Core Values. These values enable collaboration, empowerment and productivity – helping us accomplish, succeed, and have a great time! Our shared values provide us with the means to best achieve our mission – To increase positivity through innovative, active and safe outdoor-fun products for the entire family.

The opportunity at Machrus is a confluence of making a difference and growing professionally. While our space focuses on the fast-paced world of ecommerce, we’re careful to maintain balance. The Machrus's team is always on the move – bringing together individuals’ unique experiences, perspectives, curiosity and ingenuity to experiment with new platforms and explore new vistas. We focus on our values of:

  • Commitment
  • Taking
  • Honest &
  • Growth
  • Positive
  • Bigger

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