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Works as intended

The ring was easy to install and does as it's intended to do. Keeps the net securely in tact to the poles. Good product.

Bought another!

Not sure how many years we had the first one, but it was many. It's been through 6 grandkids, multiple parties, several 4th of July events, two dogs, and the occasional fallen tree limb, I did stitch up a few minor tears, but the zipper finally gave way fom all ofthe above, and I ordered another one (which is already in place and working great!).

Love the tramp

Love this tramp. I hope getting replacement mats will not be as hard in the future. Thank you!

Just what I needed

Great springs! Just the right size for the trampoline we acquired with our new house. So wonderful to be able to refresh the ol' guy for our little ones.

Amazing service

I needed a replacement part and Wendy went far and above customer service. She was so fast, polite and efficient. The package was damaged in transit so she had to send it again. Amazing. So friendly and easy to work with. I love my trampoline and I'm on my way with my weight loss goals and rebuilding my muscles. Thanks a million.

Machrus Upper Bounce Round Trampoline Weather Cover - Weather-Resistant Trampoline Protective Cover

High Quality

This is my fourth spring pad cover for my trampoline and all the previous ones have been from other companies and of clearly lower quality. The internal padding is denser on this one and the external vinyl (or whatever the material actually is) feels more flexible and thick rather than thin and crunchy. I have no doubt that this one will last longer than the previous ones

Great quality tramp pad!

I was very pleased with the quality of this trampoline pad. I love the color too.

Trampoline parts

I bought 3 parts.. they worked great! Got the trampoline back up and working! Fast delivery. My only complaint is the expensive shipping costs.. there’s got to be a cheaper way!

Great Replacement!

I bought this net to replace the original upper bounce net. It was quick and easy to install and works great!

Machrus Upper Bounce Trampoline Net - Trampoline Safety Net Fits 13 ft Round Trampolines using 6 Curved Poles - Breathable UV and Weather-Resistant Trampoline Net Replacement for Top Ring Frame - Black

Good bounce but not holding up

We bought this trampoline 2.5 years ago. My kids love it but it is not holding up compared to other trampolines in our neighborhood. The net ripped within the first year and at this point, I've sewn it so many times I need to buy a new one. The spring cover ripped in several spots within the first year. Now one of the mat tabs that hold the springs tore. I'm not sure how to fix that and think this should have lasted longer with only kids, within the weight limit, jumping on it.

The net is good

The net that came with our trampoline when new only lasted 2 years before the sun destroyed it. We shall see how long this one lasts.

Warranty Service

Haley and Quennie were both very prompt, courteous and efficient in handling my warranty claim. I greatly appreciate their service and Machrus for standing by their products and honoring their warranty. Thank you!.

Parts were perfectly what I ordered

Our greenhouse came during the offseason and so we had not assembled it. To our surprise, when we open the box it did not contain some of the parts that we needed. When I called the company, they were very helpful in finding replacements. The only drawback was that the parts catalog must have been outdated or something, because they were telling me they were about to send me a plastic part. However, we had a steel frame. The customer service rep was incredibly helpful and had to check with their warehouse about the mix up, but she did manage to get the right parts ordered for me in the next few days. Everything fit just fine after we received our parts. Thank you

Machrus Ogrow Plastic Connector Fits for models OG11767-PE

Containment field power supple

works great!!

Third cover

This will be my third cover. I’ve had to replace each cover as they don’t hold up in the Texas sun more than a couple of years. This one seems a little nicer than the previous two! I’m going to add a protective layer to help it last longer. If you’re looking at purchasing this from a number of different sources, I recommend purchasing from here.

Replacement parts for our trampoline

I’m super thankful to have these parts for our trampoline - it’s been out of commission for the last 9 months and now the kiddos can bounce away this summer

Very pleased!

3 heavy boxes arrived and while the packaging could be a bit stronger, the customer service is outstanding for replacement parts. Installation is pretty straightforward with a good manual but I was happily surprised an application called Bilt existed. It was a step by step and piece by piece way of assembly with graphics. It took about 2 hours for the entire assembly with the only hang up being 3 different horizontal lengths of top flexible netting poles that were not easily identifiable. The frame is pretty beefy and should hold up over time. My only concern for longevity of it is the welds. Some of the joints are partially welded as opposed to fully welded around the circumference of the tubing. Time will tell but no complaints about the finished product. Pro tip: it is difficult to slide the multi-colored covers over the upright netting frames... so use some soapy water to help slide them on. Happy bouncing!

5 stars! Awesome!

Awesome! Love the double doors and two windows on each side for airflow!

Perfect fit for our rebounder. 5 stars

Great fit. Delivered within the indicated timeframe .


Still waiting for 2 parts that were out of stock, so can't use them yet. Seems like it takes awhile to have everything needed.