Machrus Core Values About us


When you look around the office, you see a team of happy and positive people working together – growing personally, professionally and successfully expanding our business. How does that happen?

The DNA make-up of our staff consists of our six Core Values. These values enable collaboration, empowerment and productivity – helping us accomplish, succeed, and have a great time!

Our shared values provide us with the means to best achieve our mission – To increase positivity through innovative, active and safe outdoor-fun products for the entire family.


  • You can say no – but once you’re in, see it through
  • Resilience – keep pushing/don’t give up
  • Know people are counting on you

Plan A rarely works out, and sometimes the backup plan falls apart as well. That’s where ingenuity and creativity begin.

Nobody wants to be known as being unreliable. But it’s more than that. As part of a team, not following through on commitments impacts others. So keep on pushing. Problems are just challenges to resolve.

Sure, call out the issues early and loudly. But take charge to find the way, and when necessary, make the way.


  • Keep exploring, learning and communicating
  • Call out opportunities - for any department

People laughed when Amazon introduced the concept of drone delivery in 2013. But it has already come to life, and others are copying them…

Some avoid trying for fear of failure. Machrus values experimenting, learning and searching for opportunities. Keep probing to make it better, faster, more efficient. If it doesn’t work - we now know how not to do it, and we move on.

Can’t stay in the game with more of the same – at Machrus, we take initiative to leverage potential opportunities.


  • Do what you say - walk the talk
  • Take responsibility
  • Be transparent and honest

We are ethical and honest always. Inputs that affect decisions need to be accurate, and we need the courage to raise issues we see to save time and resources. Clearly, without ambiguity. We are open about the mess-ups we’re responsible for. And we’re straight in dealing with all stakeholders – managers, employees, vendors and customers.

Taking a subway will help you to win the marathon (yes, it’s been done) – but it’s not sustainable or ethical. Even if you have a good excuse. Our work needs to allow us to look in the mirror and be happy with the type of people we are.


  • Not growing = being left behind
  • Desire and determination for success

Blackberry had 20% of the global business phone market and didn’t look to enter the consumer market. Apple and Android came in and took their base, leaving them with 0% of the market.

You’re either growing or you’re going. Without determined effort, the equipment will fail, people forget their training, the competition will move in. Exerting positive energy minimizes and reverses this process.

To stay alive and thrive, we emphasize a growth mindset – personally and professionally.


  • Embrace tasks with energy and good attitude
  • Quirky is cool

Southwest Airlines’ culture of positivity and humor creates amazing experiences for customers and employees – in an industry known for anxiety and grumpiness.

Positivity enables us to interpret challenges as opportunities and provides the energy to see it through. And a bit of quirkiness makes it fun! Cynicism and negativity close us off from experimentation and hurt the work environment.


  • Holistic view – interconnected parts, no vacuums here
  • Personal values and family take precedence

Our core – our physical and spiritual values need nurturing and precede fulfillment metrics and profitability. We’re all pieces of a larger puzzle - an issue at home affects the totality of a person, and an issue in the warehouse affects accounting and sales. We get this holistic concept and organizationally we act as a unit and speak with one voice.

A parable is told of a group travelling in a boat. One person began drilling a hole by his foot. When his companions protested, he said, “It’s none of your business – I’m drilling by my seat!” One person’s short-sightedness and tunnel-vision shakes the entire organization. Conversely, one person’s initiatives can positively touch all.

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