The Ultimate Guide to Fun and Fitness

on September 20, 2022

After jumping around with your kids or at a trampoline park for a few minutes, you may feel exhausted. As you try to catch your breath, you might wonder “Am I this out of shape?” Maybe not. Jumping on a trampoline is excellent exercise. Jumping at moderate to vigorous intensity for 10 minutes can burn as much as 150 calories. But the benefits don’t stop at burning calories.


Benefits of Trampoline Exercise

At the height of the pandemic, people were desperate to find ways to exercise despite small spaces or other restrictions. Trampoline fitness also called rebounding, became the most popular fitness trend. This type of exercise has some major perks.

Builds Strength

Jumping requires all your muscles to work together. When you jump, you use your core, leg, back, and glutes. This helps to build strength throughout your body and gives you an effective workout.

Improves Balance

Trampoline exercises are also known to improve balance. One study found that 14 weeks of exercise on a mini trampoline helped senior citizens to regain muscle strength and improve their balance by about 35%. As we age, many people lose their balance and are more likely to fall. This can cause a variety of health issues. With trampoline exercise, you can improve your balance and avoid major falls.

Low Impact

If you have ever spent time walking or running on hard surfaces, you know the impact it can cause on your muscles and joints. With trampoline exercise, the mat material and attachment cords offer a lot of give and create a low-impact surface. Low-impact exercise will put less stress on your body and help you to avoid injury.

Cardio Perfection

Are you looking for the perfect cardio workout? Trampolines are the way to go! By increasing your heart rate it’s an excellent high-intensity cardio workout. Jumping for as little as 15 to 20 minutes is a great way to get in your cardio.

Stress Relief

It’s no secret that physical activity helps to provide endorphins and make you feel good. Exercise is also said to improve your mood. Forget the day's stress and worry with trampoline exercise. Your body and mental wellness will thank you.

Weight Loss

With any type of physical exercise, you can experience weight loss. If you have a goal to lose a few pounds, trampoline exercise is a great way to achieve your goal. This type of exercise is perfect for those who don’t have time to hit the gym and may not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a home gym. Just twenty minutes of jumping per day can help you to create the calorie deficit you need to meet your goal.

Family Fun

Trampoline exercise can be fun for the whole family. Parents often express frustration at the lack of free time they have to get a good workout in. With best fitness trampoline, this isn’t an issue. You can also include your children in your workout routine. This is an excellent way to model healthy behavior and make working out fun.

Consider creating a circuit system in your home or backyard. Kids and parents can run in place or across the yard, jump on the trampoline, do push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, etc. Your kids will love the opportunity to get involved and work out together as a family.

Parents who struggle to find fun ways to get their kids moving may have found the answer they have been searching for with trampolines.

Is Trampoline Exercise Better Than Running?

Research scientists at NASA tested healthy college athletes on both a treadmill and a mini trampoline. Results showed that while jumping on a trampoline, the G-force on the ankle, back, and forehead were almost the same and below the rupture threshold. This means that your body experiences less pressure and physical stress from jumping on a trampoline compared to running on a treadmill.


If you are experiencing shin splints, knee problems, or other physical issues from running, trampolines are a good answer to your problems. With even pressure applied throughout your body, using a trampoline will help you avoid environmental stress on your body and help you to avoid injury.


Types of Trampoline Exercise

The inner child in you may be happy to just jump around. But if you are looking for something a bit more dynamic there are many different types of trampolines exercises you can do.


Exercises for a Mini Trampoline

Jumping Ab Twist

A jumping ab twist is a fantastic choice for your trampoline exercise. It will strengthen your core and your back.


To perform a jumping ab twist, start by standing with your legs shoulder width apart keeping your weight in your heels. As you jump up, rotate your shoulders and hips in opposite directions. Land in the neutral position. Repeat and switch directions.

Hot Feet

This move will take you right back to elementary school P.E. The hot feet exercise will work your entire leg, especially your calf. It’s also great for increasing your heart rate quickly.


For the hot feet exercise, start with your feet directly under your hips. Put your weight on one foot and then quickly shift to the next while lifting each foot. Act as if your feet are literally hot and you’re moving quickly to avoid the hot surface.

Single Leg Hop

This move is very simple but it’s effective. A single-leg hop targets your core, hamstrings, and glutes in one. It also helps to improve stability and coordination.


To perform a single-leg hop, start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then lift one leg and bend the knee. Jump two to three times on the standing leg and then switch.


Exercises for a Large Trampoline

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are a very standard exercise that most people learn how to do at a young age. This is part of what makes them so great! Jumping jacks help to improve your strength and endurance.


To do a jumping jack on your trampoline, start by standing with your feet together and your arms at your side. As you jump up, separate your legs and throw your arms over your head. When you come back down, return to your starting position.

Jump Squat

Squats are a great way to work your quads, glutes, and hips. Adding a jump intensifies this move and helps you to develop explosive power. With a large trampoline, you have plenty of room to complete this move.


For a jump squat, start with your feet shoulder-width apart. With your weight in your heels, squat down and jump up. Be sure to keep your head up and your eyes straight ahead.


Planking is a great way to use your trampoline for something other than jumping. Planking while on a trampoline requires more core stability than on the ground. This exercise is perfect for beginners or experts as there are a ton of variations.


Get into the plank position by lying face down on the trampoline. Use your arms and feet to push up and hold. With planks, you can do them on your hands or forearms, use one arm or one leg. For beginners, aim for holding the plank position for at least 30 seconds. As you improve you can increase your time and try other variations.


Each of these exercises can help you to get an excellent full-body workout. If you are ready to start looking for the best fitness trampoline for your home, there are some great options.

Best Fitness Trampoline

Many families want their trampoline to have a few different uses. Regardless of the space, you have available, there are options to meet your needs. From jumping fun to effective exercise, a trampoline can do it all. If you are searching for the best fitness trampoline, check out Machrus. Here are two of the best fitness trampoline options.

Machrus Upper Bounce Mini Trampoline with Adjustable Hand bar


The Machrus Upper Bounce Mini Trampoline with Adjustable Hand bar is built for adults and kids. It’s a fun way to exercise and mix things up!


This Machrus Mini Trampoline features a removable handle with 5 adjustable settings. The handle is great for helping persons of any age or height. It’s made of rugged steel and polypropylene and supports up to 200 lbs.


With springs connected set-wise this trampoline is made to help increase your bounce. Whether you are watching TV or intensely focused in your home gym, you can get a great workout with the Machrus Upper Bounce Mini Trampoline.


It’s offered in 40-inches and 48-inches to meet your needs Listed at $139 and $159, it’s a great pick for your trampoline exercise.

Machrus Upper Bounce 50" Mini Trampoline with Adjustable T-Shaped Handrail


The Machrus Upper Bounce 50" Mini Trampoline is another great option. The unique T-shaped handrail is adjustable, helps with balance and coordination, and provides support. The anti-slip and anti-static jumping mat is made of premium PP mesh material to help prevent wear and tear. This trampoline uses an effective bungee cord rather than springs or a deeper and gentler bounce. The heavy-duty steel frame supports up to 220 lbs. This trampoline also features an optional safety strap to cover the frame and bungee straps to avoid tangling.


The Machrus Upper Bounce is 50” and offered with or without the cover. It ranges in price from $134 to $159 based on your selection. This fitness trampoline is an excellent addition to your home gym or backyard setup.

Bungee Vs. Spring

With two great options for your trampoline exercise, you may be wondering how to choose. These trampolines differ in their usage of bungee vs. springs.


Spring trampolines offer a quieter and gentler bounce. The elasticated cords are flexible and sturdy. With this choice, the mat will take all of the impact of your jump.


Bungee trampolines have a firmer bounce. They are known for high durability and are built to last. With a spring re bounder, your jump will be less “bouncy”.


The best fitness trampoline for you depends on personal preference. Either option will provide you with an effective and fun workout tool.

Final Thoughts

Jumping on a trampoline is undoubtedly good exercise. But, it’s also a great way to include your family in your workout. Kids always want to feel included and part of the team. With trampoline exercises, you can get a great workout and bond with your kids.


Trampoline exercise is also great for low-impact and high-intensity workouts. Fitting in cardio doesn’t have to mean running on the treadmill or walking around aimlessly. With your trampoline, you can let your inner child glow and have a little fun.


Big or small, adding a trampoline to your home is very beneficial. Your future self will thank you.