How to Do a Barani on Trampoline

on December 07, 2023

Trampolining is not just about bouncing up and down it's an art form that allows individuals to defy gravity and perform breathtaking flips and twists. One such impressive move is the Barani, a skill that combines athleticism, timing, and technique. If you're eager to add a new dimension to your trampoline routine, mastering the Barani is a fantastic way to do so. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process, ensuring you can execute this impressive flip with finesse and flair.

Understanding the Barani

The Barani, also known as the front somersault with a half twist, involves a forward flip combined with a 180-degree twist. It requires a good understanding of body control and spatial awareness. Before attempting the Barani, ensure that you have a solid grasp of basic trampoline skills like jumping, tucking, and landing.

Step 1: Warm-Up Thoroughly

Warming up is crucial before attempting any advanced trampoline move. Spend at least 10-15 minutes engaging in light cardio exercises to increase blood flow and warm up your muscles. Stretch your legs, back, and shoulders to enhance flexibility.

Step 2: Master the Front Somersault

Begin by practicing a simple front somersault to get comfortable with the forward rotation. Jump up, tuck your knees towards your chest, and initiate the flip. Ensure that you maintain a tight tuck throughout the rotation.

Step 3: Introduce the Half Twist

Once you're confident with the front somersault, add a half twist to the mix. Practice twisting your body in mid-air while maintaining control over the forward rotation. Focus on a smooth, coordinated movement.

Step 4: Timing is Key

The success of a Barani relies heavily on proper timing. Initiate the twist when you're at the peak of your jump and begin extending your body for the landing. Practice the timing by visualizing the motion and rehearsing it in slow motion.

Step 5: Spotting the Landing

As you start to untwist, spot the trampoline for your landing. Extend your body and prepare to absorb the impact with your legs. Keep your eyes on the trampoline to maintain control and ensure a smooth landing.

Step 6: Safety First

Always prioritize safety. Perform the Barani in a controlled environment with a well-maintained trampoline. Consider using protective gear, such as knee pads and a helmet, especially when learning new, advanced moves.

Step 7: Practice Regularly

Like any skill, practice is key to mastering the Barani. Start by practicing on a bed or in a foam pit before attempting it on the trampoline. Gradually increase the height and complexity as you gain confidence.


The Barani on the trampoline is a dazzling move that showcases both athleticism and creativity. With dedication, practice, and a commitment to safety, you can add this gravity-defying flip to your repertoire of trampoline skills. Impress your friends and elevate your trampoline game by mastering the Barani a true testament to the artistry of trampolining. Happy flipping!