Machrus Swingan 6.5
Machrus Swingan 6.5
Machrus Swingan 6.5
Machrus Swingan 6.5
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Machrus Swingan 6.5" Screw Swing Hanger With 4" Snap Hook - Set of 2


A winning combination; this Swingan heavy duty screw swing hanger with the connected snap hook is an essential piece of hardware for anyone seeking to hang outdoor equipment on wooden beams. Featuring a nylon brushing to ensure a smooth and silent connection, and a snap hook for simple and strong swing attachment; this swing hanger is sure to satisfy. The package contains 2 nuts and a washer in addition to the hanger, supplying all the necessary hardware for immediate hanging. All hardware is zinc-plated to ensure maximum rust resistance in any setting. Use it immediately to securely hang your child’s favourite swing; and as you listen to your child’s happy laughter, take satisfaction in a job well done!  Swingan is part of the Machrus family of brands - Let's go out and play!


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